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Gas Utilities


Gas and Water Utilities the Commission Regulates

The Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC) regulates four natural gas utilities: Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation, CenterPoint Energy Arkansas Gas, Logan Township Gas User’s Association, and Black Hills Energy Arkansas. The APSC regulates two water utilities: Liberty Utilities (Pine Bluff Water) Inc. and Liberty Utilities (Arkansas Water) Corp. Currently the APSC does not regulate any sewer utilities.

What The Commission Does Not Regulate

The Commission does not regulate municipal utilities of a city, a town, an improvement district or any other public or quasi-public corporation which is created or organized under the Constitution or laws of the State of Arkansas. Also, the Commission does not regulate any Class B or lower water and sewer companies (less than $999,999 per year in water or sewer revenues) or property owners’ associations whose facilities are enjoyed only by members of that association or residents of the community governed by that association.

Rate Schedules

Rates, riders, rules, and terms and conditions for service are found in the utility tariffs approved by the Commission for each jurisdictional gas and water utility.

Contact Information:

Jeff Hilton
Director of Gas and Water Section
Arkansas Public Service Commission

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