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Online Services

Tax Division Online Filing

Access the online filing system to find all the necessary forms for a smooth and efficient filing experience for: Tax Forms & References ONLY

Online Services Full Search

A full-text search of documents and page information for the Online Services.

Electronic Filing System

Electronic filing system

Public Comments

Start the public comment process. Please be patient, this routine takes a while to run.

Public Comments Search

Provides a listing of comments received from members of the public in a particular docket; only partial availability for dockets before 4-26-04.

Daily Filings

Provides a listing of daily filings with the Commission, and a link to view the electronic copy if one exists.

Docket Search

Search Docket, Company, Action Summary, Text, and Public Comments.

Filtered Search

Provides a filtered listing of documents filed in a particular docket, and a link to view the electronic copies if they exist.

Interconnections Agreement

Agreements between telecommunication utilities. Search by utility name or docket number.

Company Search

Provides a listing of docket numbers and the style of those dockets for any regulated company or any party to a docket, and a link to view documents in the docket.

Relationship Search

Provides a direct listing of relationships to dockets.

Industry Annual Reports

Reports per industry filed with the Commission by each licensed utility.

Action Summary Search

Search on pleading action entry made in docket. This is an especially good search for a large docket.

Utility Tariffs

Search utility tariffs and terms of service for all utilities.

Utility License Information

Find listings of licensed utilities by industry or license type.

Service List Filter

Find company and individual docket activity for Contact Name, Relationship, Style Case and other fields, or print service list for electronic dockets.