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Utility Valuation FAQ

Utility Valuation FAQ

What companies are subject to assessment by the Tax Division?

The Tax Division is responsible for assessing the property of all telecommunications providers, including all local exchange carriers, interexchange carriers, private pay phone providers, and cellular telecommunications carriers, gas companies, pipeline companies, railroads, electric power companies, water companies, barge lines, airlines, cable television companies, private car companies, motor carriers and bus lines. Ark. Code Ann. §§ 26-26-1601, 26-26-1701 and 26-26-1801.

What date is property subject to assessment in Arkansas?

January 1st.  Ark. Code. Ann. §26-26-1602.

What is the filing date for the Utility and Private Car Annual Reports?

Utility reports must be filed on or before March 1st . Ark. Code. Ann. § 26-26-1602. Private Car reports are due on or before April 1st . Ark. Code. Ann. § 26-26-1702.

A company may request an extension of time to file the Annual Report. The maximum allowable extension of time is 60 days. The extension request must be made in writing before the applicable due date for the Report and there must be good cause shown for extending the filing date. Ark. Code. Ann. § 26-26-1604.

What happens if a company fails to file a report on or before the due date?

Companies that fail to file Annual Reports on or before the statutory deadline or the extended deadline are considered delinquent and reported to the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) for appropriate action. The DFA may impose a penalty for each day that the company is delinquent in filing the report. Ark. Code. Ann. § 26-26-1604.

Does the company have an opportunity to meet with Tax Division staff before the assessment is determined?

Yes, a company may request an informal hearing before the final assessment of the company’s property is determined. Ark. Code. Ann. §26-26-1609.

Is there an appeal process if a company is dissatisfied with the final assessment?

A final assessment notice is mailed to the owner of each company subject to assessment by the Tax Division. If the owner of the property disputes the amount of the assessment, the owner of the property may file a written petition for review of the assessment with the appropriate commission within ten (10) days of the date of the notice of the assessment. Ark. Code. Ann. §26-26-1610.

When are the utility assessments certified to the counties?

The Tax Division must certify all utility and railroad assessments to the counties on or before July 15 of each year. The counties bill and collect the taxes on the assessments certified by the Tax Division. Ark. Code. Ann. §26-26-1612. The assessments on airlines, barge lines, motor carriers and private car companies are certified to the Department of Finance and Administration for billing and collection of the taxes made on the assessments certified by the Tax division. Ark. Code Ann. §26-26-1614.