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Public Service Commission News

Announces National Safe Digging Month 2023

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News Release
Dated: March 31, 2023

The Arkansas Public Service Commission announces that April has been designated as
“National Safe Digging Month.” Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders issued a proclamation on
March 30, 2023 recognizing April as National Safe Digging Month in Arkansas. This designation
acknowledges the significance of calling 811 before you dig. Along with the Governor, the
Arkansas Public Service Commission’s Pipeline Safety Office, the Arkansas Oil and Gas
Commission, Arkansas 811, and the Common Ground Alliance encourage excavators and
homeowners to always call 811 before digging to prevent unintended consequences such as
service interruption, environmental damage, personal injury, and even death. In addition to
dialing 811, customers can also contact Arkansas One Call at 800-482-8998 or

The National Safe Digging Month campaign is intended to increase awareness of the
national call-before-you-dig number, 811, in order to prevent damage to underground utility
facilities. Dialing 811 provides a simple means to contact the Arkansas One Call Center to request
utility line locations at the intended dig site. Through education about safe digging practices,
excavators and homeowners can save time and money by calling 811 in advance of any digging
project; waiting the required amount of time; respecting the marked lines; and digging with care
around the marks.

For any questions concerning this release, please contact Jeff Hilton, Interim Executive
Director, at 501-682-1794